Monday, December 3, 2007

Automobile Insurance Made Easy

When I become King, one of my first acts will be to have all poor people deported. It doesn't matter if they (and their ancestors) were born here; the fact that they're living in America below the poverty line should be enough justification to send them to a third world county (like Canada).

I thought about this after reading an item in the Dallas Managed News about a bed-wetting judge who doesn't like all the people without auto insurance who enter his courtroom. He seems to think that drivers should have insurance .. oh, please. Doing the math: $500/year (the cost of a minumum policy) comes out to $9.62 per week (a little less than a 12-pack of Tecate).

Now, if I'm just trying to get by, which am I going to choose: insurance, or beer? Man, this judge just doesn't get it.

Ref: Automobile Insurance Made Easy

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