Thursday, February 28, 2008

frozen water

When I Become King ... any food merchant who puts ICE in a container shall charge LESS than if it contained no ice at all.

I just bought a small Diet Coke at a QSR and paid 75 cents; after consuming the elegant nectar, I discovered the cup had been HALF filled with ice. I know the QSRs simply buy Coca-Cola syrup (concentrate) and add their own water at the final stage, so .. their cost for my 6oz drink was about 2¢ (or less).

Sure, the styrofoam cup that it came in probably costs another few cents .. so let's be generous (the ice adds some cost) and assume a 5¢ cost versus a 75¢ return .. a 1500% return. Just wait until the Feds hear about this racket.